Psychic and Spiritual Development for the New Age

Psychic and Spiritual Development for the New Age is a fresh look at Spiritual subjects that many Seekers have become blasé about. I believe a lot of the true meaning of many of these subjects has become lost over time.        For the Beginner as well as the Experienced, this manual will help you look at your development differently. It also talks about subjects that most people would rather not talk about at all. It delves deep into these subjects, taking you on a journey of self discovery and dispeling some previously thought myths while bringing new and exciting concepts that have not been spoken about in depth before.
My hope is that this book ignites passion and thought within you dear seeker, and that it also empowers you as a Spiritual Being with the desire to learn that lasts a life time.
Knowledge is empowerment Dear Seeker, and I believe we can never be knowledgeable or empowered enough.

NOTE this publication is class material only! the revised edition will be given with class of the same name
  • Details

    215 Full colour pages
    Weight 0.49 kg
    Dimensions 15.24 wide x 22.86 tall
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