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It really brings it home to you when in teaching others you learn the lessons again for yourself.

It had become apparent to me during class that I had slipped a little from my ideals.

I nearly started beating myself up, but instead of doing that and feeling loss of worth I quickly realised that this was a note to myself that I was human and that my recent lessons of valuing and honouring myself had not yet been completed.


Overnight I viewed why I had slipped, why I had started to play into the game, once again learning more about myself, what and who I aspire to be and how I can make changes so that I am living even more in my truth and integrity.


In reviewing myself yet again I feel I will be a better person as I move forward on my jouney.

We all need a little reminding at times to remember what it is we stand for, and I think this is a good thing.

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