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PARACON at Maitland Gaol

Well what can I say?

Praracon at Maitland Goal is an experience I will never forget!

The readers were in "A" block which is the oldest part of the gaol, and even though it is no longer a working prison, some of the guests are still there!

Cell no. 15 had a man named Edward who was rocking backward and forwards, obviously sufferring from a psychiatric condition. He called me, then told me to get lost then called me back again. We actually recorded two grunts on the phone from this cell.

Cell no. 13 felt depressing ad the man in there was really angry.

Cell no.12 had the energy of Koori boys, one named Michael. A visitor filmed stacks of orbs in the cell with his mobile phone.

The shower block's energy was dense and you could feel many presences, lots of residual energy there.

Seeing the tower where they hung men from was sad, as well as being able to feel all the ones that had been buried under where you walk.

The Ouija seminar with Robert Murch was fun and informative, I love my Ouija!

I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to go to the event, thank you Kerrie Wearing, I had an awesome time!

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