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Bullying and Bullies

Hi beautiful Angels! I hope you are all well as we continue on through this cold weather.

I have been very busy creating which I absolutely love doing!

some situations have come to my attention and i want to address them today.

Bullying and Bullies, it is very disturbing to me that this 'Spiritual' industry has so many people who scratch and claw thier way over others.

As you may know I have never been one to make myself known and get into 'clicks' with those who are well known or in the spotlight.

This isnt because I am jealous or don't care about anothers success, it has always been because of the bullying culture that goes along with it.

Even when I keep to myself along comes another who feels the need to be better, mightier, stronger than anyone around them, even when there is no competition but just the one that is played out in thier own mind.

Now I have to say and I am sure you all recognise that bulllying culture is not just in this field, but in every other profession out there and i have seen it first hand in the Dog Showing and Breeding field, and was the reason I walked away from it.

in this 'enlightened' society why is this still going on? Especially when you have all the stories in the media high lighting the problem?

Is it simply because these bullies havent really awakened yet, but are claiming to have?

I dont really have the answer but lets look at some of the signs that you are being bullied and may not realise it.

* being made the butt of jokes in your circle or amongst your friends

* being put down or ridiculed for your behaviour or beliefs

* being sneered at (yes the act of sneering is a bully trait)

* being hit, pushed

* your accomplishments degraded, made fun of, or 'you could do better'

* verbal abuse, being sworn at or called an idiot, stupid etc

* being attacked for your body type or size, and other body issues

* any act of making another feel worthless, anxious or sad to make yourself feel better, emotional abuse

My big question is WHY, WHY, WHY?

I have been bullied many times over the years

for being the new kid, for recieving awards, because i'm heavy, because i'm smart, because I didnt know who's who, because because because, and I am totally over it.

lets look at why people bully

*they have been bullied themselves, at home, at work etc

*have self esteem issues


*the need to be centre of attention

*want love, but have none in thier life

* may be just a plain nasty person who likes creating disharmony and negativity around them

of course this is not the whole list or the reasons why but it gives you an idea. you may not have even considered some of these things as bullying and that is what we have been conditioned to accept as normal and okay and it is far from that.

what bullying can cause

* low self esteem

* hurt, anger, worthlessness

* suicidal tendancies

* other psychological conditions such as anxiety and depression

you do NOT have to put up with this type of behaviour and i understand how hard it can be to change habits that keep you disempowered.

you are NEVER alone and please talk to others to let them know how you are feeling as most people understand and have been bullied themselves before.

speak to a psychologist or counsellor who can help you reclaim your power.

remember, YOU are beautiful, smart, kind, generous, don't let anyone tell you your not!

Thank fully mostly people are aware when someone is hurting another and no longer feel they can just sit back and let it happen.

If you or someone you know is being bullied please stand up for and help them

Numbers you can call for help

Lifeline 13 11 14

Beyond Blue 1300 224 636

Jennifer McLoughlin counsellor - 0402 258 672

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