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Channel 1 of 5 The Divine Timing Fallacy

Channel 1 of 5

The Divine Timing Fallacy

Welcome and greetings, Beautiful Ones.

Today we will speak of Divine Timing. You have been conditioned. You know you are aware of this.

Some conditioning is to help you find the way along your path, to help you learn to trust until you are able to stand on your own two feet and move forward. The problem with this is, that many do not move out of this state of dependency. While yet, other conditioning is to keep you within a certain frequency of dependency. This may be frequency of dependency that keeps you unable to utilise your true Power and manifestation abilities.

It is your sovereign right to move out of this dependence and exercise your Power with Love and Responsibility.

Spiritual teachers have been guided to impart the wisdom of waiting for Divine Timing. Some, but I will stress, not ALL, have done this to keep you dependant on them and their seemingly special wisdom. Let me explain.

Being in the frequency of waiting for what we want and desire, under the premise that if what you want to achieve is not happening, then, there is a reason and you must wait for Divine Timing. Many people wait for months and years for what they want to achieve to come to them, never actually achieving anything at all.

I ask you, with respect, what has your part in this been? Why have you allowed a teacher or anyone else to tell you, condition you, to accept less than what you want and desire, right now?

If it isn’t flowing then you must wait for Divine Timing, wait for the doors to be open. I say to you, if it isn’t happening or going as you expect, then what have you been doing to make your dreams manifest into reality? Why have you been so passive in your own life? Have you been learning, planning or taking the necessary steps yourself? Or have you been giving your God given Power away, hoping that one day everything will fall into place? For many years we have been told that there is no timing in the Spirit World, that timing is a human manifestation so we have structure and perspective. So I ask you then, if there is not timing, then why must we wait?

I put to you, dear ones that the right time and the Divine time for your wishes, dreams and desires to manifest, is NOW. Why? Because YOU are Divine and YOU deserve to achieve all of your dreams without waiting for the illusive timing that may or may not ever come. Take the responsibility for your wishes, dreams and desires. Manifest them into reality NOW. Give yourself permission to be responsible for your own path.

With Love, Crystal

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