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Channel 2 of 5

Channel 2 of 5

The White Light mis-information.

Welcome and greetings Beautiful Ones,

Today we will speak of the White Light.

For many decades now, Spiritual Teachers have been leading you into meditation and protection exercises by bringing down the White Light.

Since the 1950’s the for-runners of the Spiritual movement or New Age movement have practiced bringing down the White Light into your sacred bodies and anchoring that light into the Earth.

As Teachers of that time were highly regarded, nobody asked who or what they were connecting to. People of that time simply followed these instructions as they believed that these Teachers and Guru’s knew better than them. People also believed that their Teachers and Guru’s were more in tune or tuned in to something that they would always strive to achieve, but may have believed they had little hope of attaining themselves without their Teachers.

This practice has continued into today, and is yet another way in which you have been dis-empowered.

With respect, dear ones, haven’t you ever questioned who or what you are connecting to? And who and what you are anchoring into your sacred bodies and the Earth?

If you have asked this question, then what answer were you given?

Was the answer, ‘to the astral plane’, ‘the source’ or ‘to the universal energies’, which are the most common answers.

Or was it, ‘to the Angelic Realm or to God or the Goddess?

Do you wonder if they really knew at all, but just continued on practicing as they had been taught and conditioned?

We all understand what connecting to the Angelic Realms and to God or the Goddess means. It means purity of the source of Truth and Love, as it should be.

When connecting to the Astral plane, the source or to Universal energies, you have no real way of knowing what the actual original source of this energy is. Many layers of darker or negative forces can, have and do use this premise of the White Light, to anchor not Love and well-being, but negativity, self doubt and destructive behaviour, that ultimately disconnects you from the true source of Love and your Creator.

Consider Dear Ones, the person who has been meditating for many years, yet, has not achieved Spiritual Enlightenment, still sits in the energy of negativity and soul destroying behaviour towards themselves and others, and who still doubts themselves, or still feels as though God/Goddess doesn’t hear them.

Does that not tell you that something is not right with that?

Does it not tell you that those practices are not working, but yet, many still continue to do this believing that they are not good enough, not enlightened enough, or that there is something wrong with them? Or, worse still, give up altogether?

How soul destroying is that? How crushing to the Love you should be feeling is that?

So, today, the next time you meditate, ask for the White Light to be from the Source of Truth and Love, from the Angelic Realms or from God or the Goddess. Be absolutely specific about where, who and what you want to connect to.

Notice the difference in your mind, body and Soul. Feel as the Truth and Love fill you.

With Love, Crystal

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